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    I was trying to get French language on my wife's HP Veer. It's ATT-branded, so the original webOS Doctor (webosdoctorp160unaatt.jar) doesn't allow French.

    My idea was to use the O2 version (for German Veer's, file webosdoctorp160unawr.jar). In order to get it installed, I had to use meta-doctor. I did it in a very basic way, I just uncommented the REMOVE_CARRIER_CHECK line in the makefile and run it with

    make DEVICE=veer CARRIER=wr all

    and indeed it compiled fine, ran fine, but then the HP Veer was unable to start up. I did see the penguin (nice!), but then I was stuck with the HP logo flashing endlessly. Of course I had to reinstall the original webOS Doctor. As a (strange but rather minor) side effect, the HP Veer now refuses to shut down (it always restarts).

    I'd appreciate advice from more experienced users: is it really that hard to get a French HP Veer?

    TIA - regards, Daniel
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    Have you resolved your problem ?
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    Alas no, I believe it's beyond my knowledge and the meta-doctor tests are too time-consuming.

    Still never heard of a French-speaking Veer so far.

    So we have sort of given up there. We eventually decided that we can do without the French interface. After all English menus are no so bad (could be Chinese...).

    Best regards - C & D Clement

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