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    SOLVED see reply post if this happens to you.

    So I was on the last step for the fraken pre2. I ran there verizon to sprint pre2 script and it failed. Come to find out the pre2 is actually just an unlocked version. Well I tried the unlocked pre2 script and it failed. The phone won't even start just has an ! mark picture with a link

    Do I need to doctor this with palms pre 2 unlocked version than redo webOS internals doctor?

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    SOLVED myself. Had to find the doctor for the unlock version from palm. Found that link on webOS internals site. After two attempts with that doctor it worked. Than it took two attempts with webOS internals doctor. WOW that was a lot of but it is working now. Too keep webOS it is all worth it.

    Thanks webOS internals, I will be sure to follow the last step and send a well deserve donation.

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