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    Quote Originally Posted by T-Pad View Post
    Thank you - I have tried the integrated hotspot once and it was working, so I assume I have a data plan.
    Unless you have a Pre+ on Verizon you will be charged additional fees for using the MHS. You may get by with a one time use without being charged, however do not be surprised if you have an addition $20 or $30 added to your bill. The Verizon Pre+ came bundled with free use of the MHS.
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    I have an Austrian T-Mobile contract which has been negotiated for an iPhone (so a data plan is most probably available). But everything is handled by the company I am working for so I don't know any details.

    Anyway - freeTether has better Features, so I'm going to use this from now on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PuffTheMagic View Post
    Wot? Please bring it back! I can add unlame complaints if required ;-)

    Thankyou for your hard work, PuffTheMagic!
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    Yes....nice!!!! No lame comment here.
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