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    I am confused about setting up X11 on my Touchpad. To use it, do I need to install one of the chroot apps as well? I installed just the Xterm, Xserver and ecutah, but this seems really limited. I started Xectuah an I see a button to start Xterm. Did that and an xterm app started, but no window manager and it extended underneath the keyboard. That doesn't make it very useful.

    To use these, is it a must to install one of the debian/ubuntu chroot apps and add a partition on my Touchpad?


    Also, is this the only way to get an SSH client on my Touchpad?
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    Make sure you're on 3.0.2. Get the tweaks app from preware. it will let you specify a virtual keyborad size that xecutah will base the window size against. If you want to install various linux distribution chroot environments, you have to use the meta-doctor to add an ext3 partition to the device first.
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    If you simply want to use ssh from an x-terminal on the Touchpad to connect to a single server, then just install Xterm, Xserver and Xecutah and OpenSSH should be enough. If you want to connect from your pc to Touchpad using SSH, then install the OpenSSH SFTP Server too.... and as mentioned, the Tweaks app should be installed to make best use of xterm/resize keyboard etc.

    If you want multiple terminals open/more X-windows customisation on Touchpad, then install debian or unbuntu.

    Iíd recommend using a dedicated ext3fs for thisÖ if you start from a clean doctored touchpad that doesnít already have any Optware packages then your Optware (e.g. OpenSSH) will get installed in the ext3fs volume too.

    Either use Meta-doctor method or command line. Details for resizing logical volumes and adding ext3fs logical volumes here:
    UbuntuChroot - WebOS Internals

    Despite the name of the page, it works for debian too.

    In fact you can have optware, debian and ubuntu share the same ext3fs logical volume if you wish.

    Then to setup SSH:
    Application:OpenSSH - WebOS Internals

    In debian Iím trying to get mrxvt application running properly in debian (currently having some font problems) as this provides a tabbed terminal in place of xterm, with a different session in each tab (sometimes nicer than opening 4 different xterm windows). GNOME Terminal also appears to support tabs (if that's what you want) and this can be installed in debian or ubuntu.

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