I installed uber kernal and it is running very well, for the beginning at least. Over the time the system keeps getting slower and slower. Thanks to the new kernal i dont recive a tmc, but when looking at govnah, i see the virtual ram getting bigger and bigger(with and without compcach). Using JSTop's GC only reduces the real ram, but not virtual. And the bigger it becomes the slower the system is. If it reaches like 100mb(even after closing all cards) the system is lagging hard. one way to get it snappy is a reboot, but i figured out a second one. Just change your govnah from a compcach to non compcach profile or another way around and after one minute loading time your virtual ram is empty and your system fresh like after a reboot. This methode is a little inconvenient, so is there a way to make jstop auto clean the vr or are you already working on that problem. I am not a computer expert, i am just seeing the effect.