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    I have installed Preware + F15C and a few apps. Did some modifications from getting started guide to improve performance.

    Now I am planning to give this tablet to someone else. So I did a secure full erase. Erased everything. This was few days ago. Today, I turned on my tablet and I see F15C boot screen (2 pictures of F15 planes and white texts moving up) before I get flashing HP boot up logo. Does it mean that kernal is still installed? How do I remove it and get original HP factory installed kernel/settings back?

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    A secure erase is just apps and data. The kernel is the operating system level. So yes, its still installed. You should have uninstalled it with preware.

    In fact, any patches etc. you may have installed with preware should have been uninstalled with preware as well. So if you did not do that, then those are most likely still present as well.

    For the kernel: reinstall preware; uninstall the alpha testing kernel you have (following all prompts); then install the Palm Recovery Kernel (following all prompts).

    If that does not seem to work, a trip to the webos doctor is probably in order.
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    Can I skip the preware related steps and just pay the doctor a visit? What steps do I take in order to do that....if possible?
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