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    As I understand it, the CM7 team that is going to be porting Android to the TP is planning a dual boot option, to allow us to boot back into WebOS as desired.

    I am presuming that this will be done at a VERY low level (kernal) in which case, might it be a good idea to have some collaboration between the CM7 team and the WebOS Internals team, to ensure that any such dual-boot options enables us to preserve all the great stuff/work done by the WebOS Internals team (Uberkernal @ 1.5Ghz etc) & all the options/patches found in Preware.


    a) Will this happen anyway, as long as the WebOS boot files are preserved, in a dual-boot environment?


    b) Would the WebOS Internals team not really want to work with the CM7 team in any way, due to the "conflict" of bringing an alternative OS to the TP?


    a) will this be done anyway
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    You must have missed my @webosinternals tweets on this subject ...

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    You must have missed my @webosinternals tweets on this subject ...

    -- Rod
    I did miss that.

    Care to repost/repeat what you said?

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