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    Back when I owned some Treos I had an app. called "KeyCaps" that let me enter numbers and special characters by just double pressing or holding the corresponding key (for those numbers or special characters).

    Besides Keyboss which seems dead, is there anything else for WebOS like KeyCaps?
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    erhm... that is already integrated in the system, you just need to double tap the "orange" button, or the "shift" button twice.
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    You don't understand. Keycaps lets you do shift or special characters w/o having to press the shift or "special characters" (SP) key. Say you wanted to enter the number "8", instead of pressing SP then "C", you would either double tap "C" or press and hold "C" to get "8" depending on how you set it up in KeyCaps' options.
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    I loved KeyCaps. It has taken a couple of months, but I am finally getting used to the "normal" way of typing again.

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