I hope I'm posting this into the correct place.

I am one of the many having wireless problems with my TouchPad and would like to investigate replacing the ar6000 WiFi driver with a more recent version. I have set up a complete build environment as described on the WebOS Internals wiki and can successfully build a kernel from scratch using "make package". I cannot figure out how I can go about making changes to the source and then recompiling it. Can someone point me to how to make changes to the kernel and then recompile it on Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit?

I am familiar with making patches using diff and compiling modules when the architecture of the target matches that of the host, but cannot figure it for this case.

As a side note I notice that the ar6000.ko driver is not compiled as part of the kernel when building a kernel package, it's simply added afterwards, pre-compiled for some reason.