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    Is there something I'm doing wrong here to access the beta feeds?

    1. Uninstall preware by holding down the icon until it loads the X and pressing it, confirming removal of the program

    2. start Xecutah, then in the program start XServer, then card back to Xecutah and start XTerm, then card back over to it and it now shows command line

    3. type the 1st command in the official instructions and press enter

    4. type the 2nd command in the official instructions and press enter

    5. exit out of all cards

    6. install Preware

    now in preware i have a feed for webos-kernal-testing and it's on but I still only show the Palm default listed, I don't have any feeds that have the word beta in them

    any help? (if I posted too much "instruction" please edit or let me know what parts and I will remove them)
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    most easy way for me was, just simply use quickinstall to enter the comands and reinstall preware.

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