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    Hi. I just updated to the latest F15 kernel and my touchpad is stuck in an infinite boot loop. It keeps on getting to the pulsating HP screen and then reboots and never fully loads. Has anyone else had that problem with the latest F15 Kernel update (from today)?

    Also, does anyone have any advice what to do without a full reset with WebOS Doctor, if possible? Thanks.
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    i am stuck too.
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    Just had the same problem.
    Download and install the palm SDK. Instructions here:

    Download the stock palm kernel image (Posted by unixpsycho: Put it in C:\Program Files\HP webOS\SDK\bin (or C:\Program Files (x86)\HP webOS\SDK\bin if using 64 bit windows like myself).

    Hold down home and power until the touchpad force resets, then hold down power+vol up until a large USB logo appears.

    Open a command window and run the following:
    cd \program files\palm\sdk\bin
    novacom boot mem:// < uImage-3.0.2-tp

    Wait for touchpad to boot, install the palm recovery kernel in preware.

    Unixpsycho posted similar instructions in the first post of both the F15C and F4 kernel threads which include the analogous commands for Linux and Mac.
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    Why is this thread even existing? There is an official thread for this. If there are no posts to the official thread, then how can developers know what is not working or what is?

    Obviously this was mentioned in the massive amounts of reading when subscribing to the feeds to begin with. Is this another case of people taking from the feeds and not giving feedback in the proper place?
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    Exactly! Did you not read post 1 on the F15C thread on how to memboot??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostinator View Post
    Exactly! Did you not read post 1 on the F15C thread on how to memboot??
    Yes, it was my mistake. I admit it. However, I did read how to memboot. I know the developers don't have time to explain every little thing, but this is what it says verbatim:

    Memboot recovery kernel: TouchPad webOS 3.0.2 stock kernel

    How to memboot after finding out your device wears pink underwear:

    Put your device into recovery mode.

    Newer versions of the SDK will say "HP webOS" in the directory name instead of "Palm".

    Run novacom:


    /opt/Palm/novacom/novacom boot mem:// < uImage-3.0.2-tp



    cd \program files\palm\sdk\bin novacom boot mem:// < uImage-3.0.2-tp

    I was wondering where the palm\sdk directory came from. Was it WebOS Doctor or something else? I had no idea you're supposed download the SDK from palm first. Now it's obvious, but when you're TP is screwed and you're panicking a little on what to do so to not screw it up further, I had no idea what these instructions meant at all for novacom. The rest I understood fine.

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