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    I just installed openvpn on my pre 2 today. I also set up the openvpn server which is at my work place. I configured the server so that it allows clients to have Internet access.

    I started the openvpn server & client, and everything on my pre 2 works great (web browser, youtube app, google map app, accuweather app, hp store app, etc), with just one exception: the stock mail app could no longer receive any new email. Apparently it could not get online. I only have one email account configured and it is imap (in) & smtp (out), if that matters. BTW the email service provider also provides a web interface and I can log into that website and read/send emails with no problem through vpn. It is just the mail app that stopped working.

    I am wondering if this is a known issue with either the mail app or openvpn, or if it could be something wrong in my openvpn configuration? Thanks in advance.
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