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    since I preware, uberkernal and govnah, I noticed that the screen auto dims and lid up by itself constantly even when I'm typing.

    its driving me nuts... Please help if there some patch to fix it.
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    Have you tried disabling the Auto-dim feature (last tab)? I've had mine disabled since day 1. It seemed buggy and just too annoying for me. I'm also running UKernel, Govanah and I've had Preware since day 1 and still no issues since I've disabled auto-dim.
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    you solved it for me!!!!!!! THANK YOU!@!!!!! you can close the thread now

    thanks again...
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    I'm not sure which phone the original poster has, or whether my problem is the same, but this seems to be the closest post to what is going on with my phone.

    I have a pre2 -- just updated to 2.2.4, and now my screen keeps dimming and brightening by itself maybe once or twice a minute. It only stays dim for a second, maybe 2, and then gets bright again. I did install the "disable light sensitive dimming" patch, but it doesn't seem to be changing anything.

    Does the pre2 have an "auto-dim" setting? If yes, can someone tell me where it is?
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    Same happens to my Pre 3
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    It happens on my TouchPad randomly. It seems to happen most frequently when directly under a celling light.

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