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    Touchpad was in developer mode,connected..closed window.Open webos quick install v 4.3.1. WHen opened HP Touchpad shows up on drop down menu. After click on globe can see all apps avaliable, but Preware not on the list. Is it no longer avaliable or is there another way to obtain? I'm running version Hp webos 3.0.2 on the Touchpad. Please help...
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    tap the "application" tab, and then search for preware.
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    Tks, but under applications did search. Then searched manually under applications and all tabs thinking it was strange. In alphebetical order in apps goes from Pretext to Pretty Cute Suite. When do search states no package found
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    Please help
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    I actually just had this problem when I upgraded my Pre- to a FrankenPre 2. I was able get Preware installed by following the command line installation instructions at webOS Internals.

    Based on a message that popped up during the install, I think WOSQI thought I already had Preware installed, so it didn't show it as available to install. I couldn't confirm though since the command line install worked. Out of curiosity, Johnnystar before you run the command line install (if you decide to do it) can you take a look at your installed packaged in WOSQI to see if Preware is listed as already installed?
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    I did through command line following the instructions. It says success but when I open preware from App catalog and try to run it, it gives "This is not a valid webOS application". I am running webOS1.4.5.1 on pixi plus using Wi-Fi and "unactivated" (once put on Page plus).
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    I did confirm Preware was not under installed in WoSQI. I will try command line instructions.Thanks. I hope that works for the past few weeks I've been trying numerous methods still unsucessfully

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