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    My Sprint Pre+ (webOS 2.1) has been causing me major issues since last night.
    It will not dial a number, freezes and needs battery pull every 10 minutes. Gets extremely hot on charge (touchstone or cable). And all of these things happen if I am running a Kernal or not.
    Can someone give me some advice?

    My biggest concern is I don't really remember how I got the MetaDoctor to run when I upgraded it to 2.1 so I really don't want to go through all of that again.
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    I recently had a similar problem while running F105 Thunderchief. My Sprint Pre- would heat up quickly after a reboot and shutdown based on Govnah's temp thresholds. I also noticed that Govnah was returning to the 1005 Mhz setting upon reboot which isn't stable on my phone. This is the designed behavior of Govnah (to return to default). To correct the issue, I deleted all Govnah profiles, created a new one, and immediately rebooted. Since I did not have an abnormal shutdown, Govnah returned to my defined profile settings and all was back to normal.
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    thanks, had to do a hard reset, but its working now

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