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    Hrm.. Where do I go to submit bug reports for Chroot Debian/Ubuntu?

    Package unison-gtk is throwing an error in both Debian and Ubuntu and does not start...

    "Fatal Error: exception Util.Fatal("Environment variable HOME not found")

    This can be fixed by setting the HOME environment variable.. I've done this manually, but I'd think this should be done automatically by the Chroot Debian/Ubuntu, right?
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    I'd also like to know the proper way to submit bug reports for Debian /Ubuntu Chroot and Xserver/Xterm.

    Regrading the missing $HOME - perhaps it is already fixed, but are you trying to run the application as the original root user that started chroot, or the root user in debian/ubuntu or another user (e.g. the 'webos' user in debian chroot)?

    The original user that starts debian 6.0.2 chroot runs:

    chroot /media/ext3fs/debian-squeeze-chroot /bin/bash

    But perhaps this is not a true login to debian (dosen't execute /bin/login?), just a shell, so 'echo $HOME' isn't going to find the value defined from debian chroot /etc/passwd ... however if you use 'su' command it returns the $HOME variable.

    For example, if we start the debian chroot (6.0.2-6), then check $HOME.

    /# echo $HOME

    /# su -
    ~# echo $HOME

    The same is true for other environment variables.

    /# echo $LANG

    /# su -
    ~# echo $LANG

    Obviously you need to have run "apt-get install locales" and setup locales to get the last one.
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