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    I just added the F15C eagle kernel and over clocked to 1.7 BUT only the 1st processor core is over clocked while the second core stays at 0MHz. Has anyone heard of this or know if I installed something incorrectly. It still runs fast, but I know it would be faster if both were running. It especially worries me that the second processing core will blip at 1.7 or stay on 1.7 when I change the profile in Govnah but then it will slump back down to 0.
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    From what I've read this is a feature of the snapdragon dual-core processor, the 2nd core stays idle until it's needed. It will probably kick-in if you have several things running at once (e-mail, flash player, youtube video, games, etc.)
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    UnixPycho has covered this information in his thread. If you are overclocking - you MUST read all of the information the developer puts out. That's part of the agreement you make when using the advanced kernels.

    These kernels are for advanced testers only so - Read this thread first!
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    Trying opening multiple cards... games, video, etc... and then opening Govnah to see the dual processors working.... haven't tried myself... let us know if it helps.

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