I have started a short initiative to cleanup/delete articles that are no longer accurate, useful, or are outdated. The hashtag for the updating process will be #wosiwiki.

If you want to help out...read below.
Basically the easiest way you can do this is going to Main Page - WebOS Internals and clicking Random Page on the left side. Scan through EVERY word on that page and see if it's out of date information. For instance, yesterday I updated the 'How To Recover' page that ONLY talked about the Pre and recovery, and I changed the word Pre to Device. It makes a huge difference in the long run.

If everyone can edit 2 pages, that's like 8 or so pages that are updated right there. Obviously editing 2 pages isn't anything really. Some pages are really outdated and just need to be deleted. Once you update a page, tweet using the #wosiwiki hashtag saying what page you changed so we don't overlap each other.

Some devs like @dontblameoil and @wdtz have agreed to give info on their apps if needed.
Thanks to everyone who helps!