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    Does anyone know how to overclock at 1.7?

    I downloaded uberkernel that goes to 1.5 and govnah.
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    This link is webOS Internals testing feeds wiki. Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals

    All the information you are required to know is here. If it doesn't work, that means you didn't follow ALL the instructions so save yourself the embarrassment of saying it doesn't work, because that proves you didn't follow ALL the instructions. (there have been many posts by many members and it's always the same reply, call this preemptive )

    There are 6 rules at the top of the page. Make sure you fully read and understand them. If you aren't prepared to follow the rules, then you might as well stay with what you already have.

    Good luck.
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    You need F15c.
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    Yeah I decided to keep uberkernal and keep 1.5 which runs pretty fast!

    Thanks for the help though.
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    yes I agree I will stay at 1.5

    I am new to WEBOS and I try to upgrade to 1.5 and I did it.

    It runs very very fast
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    Why do you recommend F15c and nopt warthog? Or are they the same?

    [Yes, I have read the rules]

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