Let me preface this by saying I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of such a concept, but I thought I'd ping the experts to see what the future might hold.

Having both a Pre and a TouchPad, and having some of the same apps on both, it would be great to share (sync) data between them in a simple way. Touch-to-Share seems like a great way to do this, if Homebrew can find a way to expand its use beyond what HP intends.

I was thinking specifically of apps like Pack 'n' Track and SecuStore, where transferring data from one to the other is a tedious business, or games like Angry Birds, where transferring the data requires even more time and computer skills.

Maybe a setup similar to Save/Restore where the apps that have scripts available are listed, with the ability to choose no sync, sync phone-to-tablet, or tablet-to-phone. Once set up, a TTS event performs the selected actions.