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    *Mods, If there is a better place to ask this type of question (different forum/thread) let me know*

    I keep getting hit with a JRE fatal error when trying to mess with Eclipse on the touchpad:

    Internal Error (os_linux_zero.cpp:236) - Caught unhandled signal 11

    See my screenshot for more info.
    Was wondering if anyone had any insights or possible solutions or workarounds.
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    Doesn't that has something to do with the fact that you need an ARM Java JRE? I wonder whether that exists. I used to search for one to install on my NAS, but gave up because I couldn't find any.
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    I just posted a tutorial on how to get Ubuntu on the TouchPad. Part of it includes installing Eclipse on it. But yes, Eclipse does have some difficulties running on the TouchPad. However, the first time you run it, it'll crash when making the workspace. The second time it will bootup perfectly. There will be little problems here and there that will cause it to crash but for all purposes it will run and do what it is ment to do.... just make sure your saving every other second
    Oh, here's a link to my tutorial if anyone reading want to take a look:
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    I am having the same issue. Here are things I cant do in eclipse on the touchpad or it will give this error: clicking on the javadocs tab or accessing the System class information. So I think the problem is the javadocs. If I type for example System.nanoTime(), by the time i type System.nano~ it opens up the class info and then it crashes.

    Also, I frequently cant edit files in eclipse. Not sure what that is about. The keyboard responds clicks but nothing happens. Very odd. I would say eclipse on the touchpad is pretty much unusable at this point. And I tried pretty hard to make it work.
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    I have the same issue here. I can't tap on javadocs and can't edit files. The virtual keyboard and bluetooth keyboard works ok except for edit files.

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