View Poll Results: What was your experience upgrading your PRE to WebOS 2.1?

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  • I successfully upgraded and I'm glad I did!

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    I'm contemplating doing the upgrade as described on Webos Internals and I know they have to post all of the warnings about possibly bricking the phone. There's a lot of discussion on the official thread and probably a lot of it is out of date. So I'm interested in getting a summary of everyone's experiences.
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    I treat my Pre(-) like a hot rod or project car; the enjoyment comes from both using and tinkering with the device. There was never any doubt that I would meta-doctor if it was possible.

    I will say that the overall 2.1 experience on the Pre(-) was improved by permanently increasing the swap as found here:

    Of course, YMMV and all the other usual warnings apply.
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