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    I have my Sprint-ified Pre2 running with 2.1. I bypassed activation so everything works (txt, voice, data), but currently do not have app catalog access. So it looks like I need to create or sign into my old profile. Using Impostah, I get PAMS3101 "invalid ROMToken build variant," when I try to do either login or create profile.

    According to this thread (, it looks like my DMSET tokens are unrecognized by Palm servers. Two questions:

    1) What should they be? Via "Show Properties" my old pre oddly shows
    <Val name="DMSETS" value="{'sets':'base','a'}"/>

    2) Is there a way to edit the tokens on the Pre2 without having to doctor is again?
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    Bumping this back up since I now am in dire need of App Catalog. Native Google maps app has been retired, so the only way to get native Maps is through App Catalog, which requires Palm Profile

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