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    My "new to me" Verizon Pre Plus using Bypass Activation now has Webos 2.1, flash, uberkernal, govnah and everything i want. Can I activate this phone now? How?


    Randy in Florida
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    The first thing you should do is contact verizon and ask them if the ESN of the phone is clear. If it is clear then you can activate it on the verizon network. If you have an account with verizon already you can dial *228 and press 1 to activate. It should prompt you for your information. If your upgrading from a non-smart phone it will cost you an extra $30.00 a month.

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    tony...thanks. if i understand you i can simply use the "regular" activation *228. this phone is a replacement for my son in college. his std pixi is dead and i want to surprise him with a this pre with the "extras" to get him thru grad school. then he's on his own . so if i understand you correctly i can get this phone "ready" with all the patches using wifi in the "bypass activation": mode and he can activate on verizon with *228. he already had verizon with the full data package.

    how does one log into the palm profile when activating using *228?

    please confirm. thanks!
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    You can activate the phone thru verizon using the *228 as long as you know the password to the account.

    I'm not sure how to sign in to the palm profile after you bypass the activation. Sorry.

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    no need to do anything but call verizon to activate, and the *228. Nothing to it.
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    I was just messing around with an extra phone I have and installed "Impostah". Within Impostah there is an "Activation" button. If you click it you have the option of signing in to an existing profile or creating a new profile. Maybe someone here can shed more light on "Impostah"?

    I setup a new profile and used Impostah to sign in to it, and it looks as if it worked. Just make sure you backup everything from his old profile before you start playing with it.


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