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    is it possible to increase or overclock the palm pre processor to 1.4 ghz?
    I am willin to risk my pre to do this.
    it seems awesome for more speed
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    I'm not sure how one would go about it, I Agree though My Pre -'s ran SR71 like it was made to. Never had any issues
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    my 2 pre- before too worked sr71 like a charm but the one I have now the pre- is not able to support sr71.
    which sucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    [url= - WebOS Internals[/url]
    thanks rod.I appreciate it..nd well I can't find the f14 tomcat kernel
    I did add everything too like the testing feed nd everything
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    I'm pretty sure it's only for Pre 2.

    Also, you'l cook your phone.
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    I know but hey I'm a speed-hunger pre
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    My Pre2 won' take 1.4 s 1.2 is fine but 1.4 (I think it was SR71 I tried) led to infinite reset loop - had to doctor.

    Rogers Pre2 on Rogers.


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