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    Forgive me, but I posted this th AV8 Harrier II thread but fear it is buried....

    I hope someone can give me some insight. I switched to Harrier II several months ago, because my UK configs were all running sluggish (including Screenstate 500/1000 and fixed 1000). Harrier was great! It ran snappy, stable and cool. If I kept data off, most of the time, my battery would barely move. If I used it however I wanted, and plugged in in the car, I could easily go from wake up to bedtime.

    Recently, I got bored and had to mess with things. I had heard really good things about the latest version of UK and decided to try it again. After playing with screenstate 500/1000 and fixed 1000 at various voltage charges, I discovered that only Fixed 1000, with stock voltages, worked without lockups, and it wasn't nearly as snappy as I remembered Harrier being. So, off with UK and back on with Harrier.

    Now, I am getting the speed I had. But, I seem to be burning battery at an alarming rate.

    Resting, with data off, it uses 1.68% per hour, which is not bad.

    Resting with data on, burns over 6% per hour (more like 7).

    As soon as I start to do ANYTHING, with data on,I start bleeding power. a mere 5-10 minutes just perusing this site, burns an easy 10% of my power.

    If I take my phone off the charger around 7:30am, and do maybe 15 minutes of calling, a few dozen texts, a little browsing, and maybe check my email a dozen times, I can lose half my battery by 10am with my BlueTooth headset running, and by noon without.

    Before, I could use it at will, sometimes remembering to turn the data off, sometimes, not, and I would still get by with the occasional top off. Now, I have to charge almost constantly if I use it at all.

    To illustrate my point further, just typing this over the last 5 minutes killed 6% of my power.

    I don't expect to have unlimited power, but I could through a day, on a 1400Mah extended battery, with a little plug in, in the car, or a quick top off. Now, I can easily kill two or more charges in a day.

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST... for the first time, I am getting the "too many cards error" (when I have no cards open).

    Thanks for any help.
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    Try re-doctoring?
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    perhaps your battery is just getting old? my original pre+ battery got down to less than 50% of it's original capacity, I couldn't get through a whole day without recharging frequently. I ordered two $4 batteries from Amazon, now I'm back to a full day+.

    also, while I'm sure you know this, they do say many of those 1400mAh batteries don't really have any extra capacity.

    try running a calibration with dr. battery and see what you get.

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