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    I hope this is in the right section.

    unixpsycho, I love all the kernel work you are doing, but sometimes all of the different types of kernels are confusing, and you layout the differences between them, but without much reasoning.

    Please do not take offense to this, it is very common for genius right brained programmer types like yourself to logically understand the theoretical differences between approaches without the need to explain their practical uses.

    But, it would be excellent and a benefit to many non-geniuses I think if you could answer these simple questions:

    1) What is the practical difference between F104A Starfighter, and F105 Thunderbird. I understand that the thunderbird has 1.05 Ghz top speed and 200Mhz OC on the ram, and the 104 has 1.1ghz top speed, but other than that what would be the reason for using one over the other? It seems to me that a speed difference of .05 Ghz would be pretty negligible, especially when considering the ram is not overclocked.

    2) You stated that the purpose of creating the AV8B Harrier II was for battery life. But, the F105 Kernel also has both Dynamic Scaling and Vdemand as features, PLUS frequency scaling. It would logically seem to me that frequency scaling would also save battery life, rather than staying at 1ghz like the AV8B does. So technically than, wouldnt the F105 or F104 kernel not be more energy efficient? If so, then what is the purpose of continuing work on the AV8B Harrier II kernel.

    3) You state that the F102B Delta Dagger is "lean and fast, no bloat". Does that mean that it is leaner than F105 or F104, and therefore runs faster and with less battery use? What did you mean by that statement, and where would it be most beneficial?

    Thanks. You and Rod are the most amazing ppl in the world. Without you guys I would have moved on from WebOS long ago. I hope your work is incorperated into future versions of Webos, and you are compensated for your awesome work.
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    ive camed to realize tha 1.1 1.0ghz i still the same on 2.1 i have the 1.2 n i dont see any difference. As long as it says 1GHZ the phone will run smooth. Maybe its just a way of being fancy with the names but i must say unipsycho sure is a pro at this.
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    I run the SR71 on my 2.1 Pre - All day long but i use to run the the F105 and the SR71 doesn't seem much faster. I guess the VDD2 200mhz on the F105 helps though. If i could have an SR71Extreme with the 1.2ghz cpu speed and the 200mhz vdd2 i'd be stoked

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