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    Hello all! I have an issue that has been plaguing me for a while, but just recently got more annoying.

    Short Story: I need to completely reset the feed information for Preware and Webos Quick Install

    Long Story: For quite some time now, (since September) the Precentral Themes feed has not been adding any new content at all for my device. I go into Preware and it always only shows 96 themes available, which is annoying since I have a theme on that feed. I would try plugging into WebOS quick Install and only those same 96 themes were available. I just decided to not try to hard and used webosQI 2.9.6 to load the theme's ZIP onto my phone.

    Then, I decided to doctor my phone. It had been a year since I got it and I just wanted to clean everything up. So I backed everything up, and went through the process. After everything was back, I used Save/Restore, and loaded preware so I could download everything from my Saved package list. Well, most things were available, others were not though. Specifically a few apps which only listed their information as "unknown". They are not all on the same feed either.

    So first obvious thought, remove preware, reinstall. No good. Everything still remained. I noticed that also whenever I reinstalled Preware (done via the Terminal method) all my settings were still intact. This got me to thinking that my Preware settings are saved somewhere else. I found a directory in the phone that had files which matched the feeds I had. I tried deleting them and reinstalling Preware/using QI again, but still no luck.

    So can anyone help me? I am sure there is something I need to delete to completely erase the feed data from my phone, I just don't know where it is. Using 1.4.5. Thanks.
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    The feed data is downloaded to /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/cache/. But removing the cache wont fix the problem you're having. The precentral theme feed packages file (which is whats downloaded to your phone/computer) only lists 96 packages. And was apparently last updated on the 22nd of december.

    I'm not sure where the problem is at on the servers (either ours or precentrals) because I don't deal with that stuff.

    But, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with preware, quick install, your phone, your computer, or your internet connection.

    Edit: Asked rwhitby, and apparently it was too broken to continue to support.
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    The PreCentral theme feeds were removed from Preware some time ago. The information submitted by the authors into that feed at PreCentral was continually incorrect, and there was no interest in fixing it. It was removed with the agreement of PreCentral staff.

    Use instead. They manage their own feed.

    -- Rod
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