While I realize that Govnah reports on the amount of compcache enabled I was curious if there was any other way to determine the amount enabled. I've seen something odd but I can't tell if it's really an issue or just smoke. Consquently I wanted to know if there was any way to validate the amount of compcache allocated and to see any statistics about the use of it.

One reason this is an issue at all is that webOS appears to treat compcache as something different than a higher priority swap - so the swap space allocated does not seem to change when I enable it or disable it (other than the device name). My assumption is that it's more or less some type of overlay rather than an add-on swap slice - and consequently I don't know how to find out more about it like I could if it were treated as an additional swap object with higher priority than flash by the standard cmd line tools.

Any help is welcome - but to be clear this is certainly not high priority, it is mainly just a curiosity.