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    I have to return my vzw palm pre plus due to a minor hardware issue and will be getting a refurb next week.

    Problem is, I metadoctored to 2.1 last weekend. *Everything went relatively smoothly except for the amount of time it took.

    My question is, how do I return the device to verizon? I know to copy the usb partition. *Should I delete my backup profile, doctor to 1.4.5, and then do a full erase before returning the device?

    Or should I just do a full erase straight from 2.1 and return the phone? *If I do that, when I activate the refurb device, will it load 2.1, or 1.4.5?

    Please help!
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    Doctor to 1.4.5 and full erase will do it. You can only sign in to one palm profile at once, so it doesn't matter what you do with the extra one. I just doctored my old Pre from 2.1 back to 1.4.5 for my wife to use since the ringer switch on her pixi keeps going to silent at the slightest touch.
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    Not sure if this is required or not, but when I doctored back to 1.4.5 I also disabled backups and deleted my 2.1 backups before doing so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Not sure if this is required or not, but when I doctored back to 1.4.5 I also disabled backups and deleted my 2.1 backups before doing so.
    Note really for you'd just doctor it and send it out without signing into the palm profile. Doctoring the device from 2.1 to 1.4.5 will auto nuke the USB data too just doctor it and all set.

    When the store activates the phone, verified voice and data connection, tell the store rep "I'll do the rest" for when you go home your gonna run the metadoctor to 2.1 and then sign back into palm profile. No loss required

    Key thing is to just let the carrier provision the replacement and not let them activate the palm profile account.
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    any other recommendations or opinions? I don't wanna screw this up, the pre plus is my only phone.
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    Make sure you check out the operation of the new phone fully on 1.4.5, on a test profile, before then doing a full erase and meta-doctor to 2.1.0

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    What's the hardware issue?
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    a screw came off from behind the screen, in between the slider.

    phone seems fine, except for a little more wiggle / oreo.

    I took it to the verizon store, apparently they don't do hardware repairs anymore and offered instead to send me another device.

    someone on precentral gave a detailed explanation of how to fix the screw, but I'm not technically inclined to open the phone and don't have a screwdriver that small. Its a shame though, because the keyboard on this vzw phone is awesome.
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    Wow that's not cool at all! I've never had a screw come loose (on my phone, that is).

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