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    I am running 2.1 on my Pre+ and have been tolerating its issues.

    I recall reading that HP will not be releasing future versions of webOS for the Pre+/-.

    Is it possible that meta-doctor will allow a custom webOS 2.2 doctor to be created for the Pre+/- ?

    I realize that any webOS 2.2 doctor will be hardware specific, so i guess the question i'm asking is, can the hardware specific parts of 2.1 for the Pre+/- be spliced into webOS 2.2 in order to create a custom doctor?

    Pretty sure i know the answer, but am interested for folks to help me understand this better.

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    I think it took a release of 2.1 for a German pre plus in order to get the Meta Doctor working. So, it depends on what they do with 2.2
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    Basically, if they release 2.2 for any Pre/Pre+, then webOSinternals will probably be able to do it.

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