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    I'm trying to turn on wifi from my app with the following code

     this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.wifi', {
              method: 'setState',
              parameters:  {state: "enabled"},
              onSuccess: this.handleResponse,
              onFailure: this.handleFailure
    but it doesn't work. I have read this : Luna Send - WebOS Internals but it didn't help me to find out what wrong,

    Can anyone help me on this?

    Thans for answers !
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    Quote Originally Posted by boucles0 View Post
    anyone ?

    The "palm://com.palm.wifi" API is not public a system call meaning your app needs to be in the com.palm name space to use it. Also, because it's not a public API, it'll never be allowed into the official App Catalog.

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    So if you like to build a home brew app you can name it com.palm.<yourname>.<appname>
    This is how some apps (e.g. nodoze, shedmyphone, rebootscheduler) are working.

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