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    I was using metadoctored 2.1.0 on legacy Pre. I didn't like performance so I've returned to 1.4.5, but keeping 2.1.0 radio (disabled modem update via metadoctor) because it was much better than any 1.X webOS radio, at least for unsupported carriers. Since I'm on unsupported carrier I had some problems with radio on 1.X webOS versions - signal stability and problem described here:no ringback after dial, now fixed with 2.1.0 radio. So, is there way to extract radio from 2.1.0 and to install it on device running 1.4.5? Maybe some users do not want to fully upgrade to 2.1.0 and then to revert to 1.4.5 just to upgrade radio, but would apply radio upgrade some other way.
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    just to clarify and not to misled someone, 2.1.0 radio on 1.4.5 is not working good. I Reverted to 1.4.0 radio. I'm using it about a week and it's best working kombo in my case. Finaly I have ringback sound for every dialled number, and good reception.

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