I hope this is in the right forum as it is both software and hardware.

Recently I went through the process of taking my original Sprint Pre that I had taken the com-board out of to plus it into a AT&T Pre Plus and put another used com-board from a Sprint Pre so my daughter could move her Pixi line over to a Palm Pre.

The phone was meta-doctored to 1.4.5 to install the tokens. Then to 2.1.0. Profile updates went fine and I had a working phone on WIFI.

I went through the process of having Sprint transfer the number from the Pixi to the Palm Pre. Nothing worked and even went through the reset process. This caused a complete non-bootable phone. It would get to the Tux Logo and a circle would appear and the phone would shut down.

I realized that with the software missing from the Verizon doctors for the Sprint PRL and I believe provisioning may have prevented the phone from receiving the data required for the change so I doctored the phone back to 1.4.5.

I took the phone back into Sprint under 1.4.5 and they were able to switch the line with no problems. I went through the meta-doctor process for 2.1.0 and it installed fine.

This lead me to a few questions as I have seen Pre2's for-sale with the Sprint Com-board installed but not activated under the buyers account.

So, will it be possible for anyone to buy a Pre2 with a Sprint Com-board installed but not activated in their account? Won't it also be missing the software to to preform the switch to a new phone number. Can it even be doctored down to 1.4.5 to get the required data.