View Poll Results: Did you use a new palm profile for the webOS 2.0 upgrade?

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  • Yes

    10 23.26%
  • No. My old profile worked perfectly.

    31 72.09%
  • No. My old profile worked but with bugs/missing info

    2 4.65%
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    We all are aware of the warnings on the webos 2.0 upgrade wiki from webosinternals about the Palm Profile..

    I just wanted to know from the "upgraders" did you create a new profile just for the upgrade?

    for those who used their old webos 1.4 profiles... what difficulties did you encounter? did you lose any of your PIMs?
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    I did a new profile myself, just to avoid any serious issues. But, if I re-doctor again, I might try with the existing profile.

    BTW, shouldn't this be a poll?
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    poll created.
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    need more response to this..
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    how about yes with the intention of moving to primary after some testing.
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    as of 3/6/2011 the metadoctor scripts for pre- are perfected to where I was able to do an in-place upgrade of 1.4.5 to 2.1.0 for another family member without any deleting profile or backup. shows 2.1.0 as well.

    Just see webosinternals' wiki for webos 2 upgrade.
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    I'm using my primary palm profile. I deleted the backup and loaded 2.1.0. Worked like a charm. All the data was missing, but I got my apps back and most of my data is on my google account anyways.

    This was with the first draft of the Sprint pre- script.

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    I created a new profile; after spending a few hours on the new profile, I logged out and logged in with my original profile. Everything has worked fine using my original profile.
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    i should have included an option for no... used old palm profile but deleted my backup first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingsnut25 View Post
    I created a new profile; after spending a few hours on the new profile, I logged out and logged in with my original profile. Everything has worked fine using my original profile.
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    I used existing profyle did the disable backup then logged in to my existing one.
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    I've deleted my backups about ten times.. so I guess you could call it 'missing info', but the last time I doctored all my previous data was restored. This was going from 2.1.0[os]/1.4.5[pp] to 2.1.0[os & pp].

    Everyone who is even considering upgrading should do it.
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    I did both with a practice profile.

    it seemed to work ok when doctoring back and forth (rather than an ota update/migrate).

    I'm goint to try it with my real profile today. It's currently running on a Pre2 with 2.0 and I'm going to sign in to it from my Pre+ running 1.4.5 in a few minutes. Ya'll pray for me!

    I made it safely through from 1.4.5 to 2.0 and back to 1.4.5 on throw-away profiles, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

    btw, the thing that seems to help is to to remove all of my synergy accounts and then manually run the palm backup app before switching phones. The I add them back after the phone has restored all the profile data. It's a pain, but it seems to help.

    also, 2.x seems to do a nice job of remembering my manual contacts links/unlinks. All that goes away when logging in from 1.4.5 and has to be re-done manually in 1.4.5, but also it has to be done manually in 2.0 the first time after using 1.4.5

    that tells me that 2.0 profiles are storing additional synergy info, and that info doesn't have an equivalent in the 1.4.5 profile.

    some poor admin at palm must be watching my profiles flip back and forth between 1.4.5 and 2.0 and wondering what the heck i'm doing!

    here I go!
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    Went from FrankenPre+ 1.4.5 to Pre+ 2.1.0 on sprint without doing anything to my profile. Everything restored, including bookmarks. I also did run Save/Restore partially, not sure if the bookmarks came from there.

    I agree with the above, everyone remotely considering should just go ahead and do it. Not sure how it would be on a regular pre, but I FrankenPre'd solely to do this.

    Edit: This was with scripts uptodate as of 3/5.
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    hmmm might have to try my old palm profile now...
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    ok so i just tried doing an erase, then sign back in to my old profile...

    It wont let me go thru, i tried about 5 times... It says "data cannot be restored.... contact

    Then i used my new profile (that i made for 2.0) and it signed in the first time...
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    did you disable the backups like the instructions said?

    i didn't have a problem using existing profile. even pulled all my apps, including paid for, back w/o a problem.
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    I disabled backups (and yes confirmed the erase) logged into my existing 1.4.5 profile, and all my memos and the 6 palm profile contacts I had synced anyway. Weird! I did it all in really quick succession, so maybe it takes some time to bounce around servers. Anyway. 2.1.0 on a Sprint Pre-, existing 1.4.5 profile, data synced, no problems. Wo0t!
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    i had my backup off for a week and it still synced apps and stuff. *shrug*
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    I had to do some work to get my apps up and running and I had to redo my email accounts, but otherwise it's gone very smoothly; except when I attempt to launch the "gestures tutorial" it hangs everything up and I have to reboot.

    Oh, and before I got my contacts from google, the contact app said "Mr. Skip First Use".
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