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    i just installed openSSH and FTP to get acess to my pre to transfer documents and other files to the USB Partition without connecting the phone through USB.
    This method works quite well, a bit annoying is that a need the Key_file and not just a password, also its a bit slow to transfer music.
    Is there a better solution for my needs?
    I was also wandering how much ressources OpenSSH needs while running in the Background all the time, if its to much, would it be possible to create a new service and maybe a switch in device menu to toggle this on and off.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $its$ $not$ $resource$ $heavy$.

    If you are trying to transfer music and files instead of editing system files, there an app in the app catalog (don't remember the name) that transfers music pictures and what not over wifi. Might be a bit better for what you want. Something wifi sync is what its called
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    if its not that resource heavy its ok, was just wondering if it would drain my battery even more
    I heard of this program, but i like the idea of having access just with any standard ftp client from any PC i may be using at that time.
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    Ok have to reply on my own post...
    tried openssh for a while but i had the feeling that the batterie was going down faster, but maybe that could also be the UK alpha with not every govener working
    I also had the problem that it wasnt working some time....

    I also looked again at the official/appcatalog solutions but this isnt really a good solution for me, seems like windows only program, there is a mac program tho but it wont sync music as far as i read the page correctly. Also it was like 30€ and i dont really want to pay that much for something a linux box can do with free opensource software allready available, i also dont need features like sync contacs/calendar/mail, i just want to have access to the Pre without have to connect it everytime through usb... just for a few mp3s or some documents

    sadly im no coder, a service SSH/FTP/SAMBA would be great that could be activated through device menu and shut off after using it to save battery.. and as far as i understand the pre this should be doable, atleast as a homebrew app
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    I have three suggestions for you to try:

    1) upgrade to 2.1. Rod from webOS-Internals says that it has better background process management, which can mean much better battery life.

    2) Buy the 1350mAh battery. It has about 15% more capacity, which isn't a ton, but it fits in the standard battery slot, and every little bit helps.

    3) Use a different Govnah profile. I use a Conservative profile which bumps the clock to 800 when i'm doing intensive things, but runs at 500 normally.

    As for download speeds go, i have noticed that if i connect my Pre+ to a router, and connect my computer to that router and use SSH to transfer files it is WAY slower than a direct connection from my computer to the Pre+ in an ad-hoc network.

    How come this running in the background is such an issue?

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