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    im running 2.1.0 with UK@1Ghz (pre-) now and im quite happy with the results, ok flash is unuseable with most content but i will only use it for audio stuff and that is working fine.
    Still 2.1.0 is in some apps a bit slower than before (like scralling contacts app with small freezing, even @ 1Ghz).
    Anyway what i wanted to ask is what is possible, how much can we tweak our old devices, besides kernels? does webosinternals crew have plans for this at all?
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    You can try increasing the compcache values, but it probably won't help that much. The next big step would be swapping the comm board with a Pre Plus.
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    memory seems to be the problem so the best solution would be to reduce the amount of RAM taken up by the OS.

    I was wondering today if anything could be gained by stripping out some eye candy like wallpapers etc. Prob not much though with such a small screen.

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