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    I just used the meta doctor script to doctor my sprint pre to 2.1, everything seems to have gone fine but after rebooting I am getting the "Activation Error" screen "You may need to activate your phone..." all I can do is get to the dial pad via Emergency dial or hit "Try again"

    I've tried verifying the MDN and MSID and they are correct.

    What else can I try?

    Any help would be great, this is my primary phone.
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    Same thing happened to me. Doctor back to 1.4.5 then back to 2.1. That worked for me. I'm using a Sprint Pre minus.
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    I just realized there are two different scripts new-meta-sprint and just meta-sprint

    Which one should I be using?

    Update: I used the "new" version and it got me past that screen but it never asked me to login to a palm profile (I turned off backups on 1.4.5 before doing any of this btw?)

    How can I get logged in to my profile and get my apps back?
    Update again: Manually launched the gesture tutorial from the icon and everything worked great from there.

    I'm rocking and rolling
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    I was connected to wifi for a while and didn't notice, but I have no data connection via sprint, can anyone point me in the right direction? Phone calls and texts work fine.
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    The first time I attempted to meta-doctor to 2.1, I also got the activation error (sprint pre-). I then doctored back to 1.4.5, then meta-doctored with the new sprint 2.1 script. Everything worked fine that way. No problems with sprint data, calling, texting, wifi, or bluetooth.
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    Try a battery pull, if that doesnt work post here again.
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