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    I am trying to add and enable the testing feed for palm pre and it is giving me error when i try to update. Are the feeds down or there is something wrong on my end? Thanks


    Index of /feeds/webos-internals/testing/all/

    Index of /feeds/webos-internals/testing/armv7/
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    are the test feeds working for anyone?
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    Here is the error i get.
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    Works fine here.

    Did you name them correctly? I am not sure how the names matter, BUT I know that they do because my feeds didnt work until I named them properly.
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    yes i did name them as listed above. thanks.
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    if i don't include the / at the end of the url as stated in the procedure, i get the error. I included the / at the end of the URL and the error is gone. Somebody needs to correct the procedure on the webos internal webpage. Thanks.

    Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals

    Type or paste a name and corresponding URL from above in the appropriate text boxes. Make sure the URL does *not* have a slash at the end.

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