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    I have ssh working on my Pre+ through WiFi, USB, and MobileHotspot. Any of those work.
    (I am using putty to SSH from my Windows 7 laptop to the phone)
    WebOS 2.x

    Now I still cannot connect through CELLULAR though (i.e. I cannot ssh from my laptop connected via WiFi to my phone connected via Cell)

    I have stopped my firewall for now to test so that I know I'm not blocking the traffic on my device (as far as the iptables goes).

    When I look at ifconfig for the ppp0 interface I see:
    ppo Link encap: Point-to-Point Protocol
    inet addr:

    Now, I can traceroute to the address which I assume is like a gateway, but I cannot traceroute to

    So I have the following questions:
    Has anyone gotten SSH over Cell/EVDO to work?

    Has anyone got a server I can SSH into from my phone to trace back the path?

    Has anyone got any suggestions on how move forward?
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    I just found this article from webosinternals
    Scroll down to section:
    Enabling ssh over EVDO

    I don't know if this is still up to date.
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    ssh over evdo won't work on Verizon. They actively block it on their network. It sucks. I spent several weeks trying to do this to before I read where they block it.
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    pretty sure they use NAT and dynamic addressing so you'd never be able to ping a handset from outside their network. Have you tried it when tethering through MHS so both devices are on the VZW network?

    I expect they still won't see each other, though.

    a mobile security eng once told me part of this is for security, because nothing can reach through their network to attack the phone that way.

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