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    A new patch got released over x-mas Working fine on my 2.2.3 Veer

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    Patch WebOS Bypassing Lock Screen - WebOS Internals
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    Working for my 2.2.4 Pre 3 on ATT...
    Finally! I've been waiting ages for this patch. I had previously understood that the means for circumventing the EAS PIN-lock policy setting was buried deep in the HP compiled code. And now it turns out it was just a simple line of code to uncomment? Arrgh!
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    As the two post above mentioned the Bypass PIN patch is fixed - Sounds like it wasn't in the binary after all - just needed to track down the right jsjsjs $file$...

    lingfish found the correct line in the new jsjsjs $code$ $and$ $uncommented$ $it$ $out$ $with$ $a$ $new$ $patch$ ($can$'$t$ $for$ $the$ $life$ $of$ $me$ $figure$ $out$ $how$ $I$ $missed$ $it$ - $palm$ $even$ $left$ $a$ $friendly$ $comment$ $for$ $us$) - $it$ $is$ $released$ $for$ $all$ $current$ $vers$ ($including$ $3$.$x$ $on$ $the$ $TP$).

    And for future reference, all I had to do to get out of the mess in my post above was to doctor again and set a new pin before profile sync. I forgot that the PIN is not stored in your profile. Kinda the same fix/process we found after first frankenin our devices and forgetting that a PIN was set before the process on the original phone and we wiped it out during the process. Then installing the patches via the restore process thereby bypassing the required nonexistant PIN. This caused the dialer to lockup (when it is trying to access the EAS addressbook). Reference Thread:
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    Doesn't work for me on Touchpad. It installs fine, but doesn't bypass the PIN. So now unless I want to webOS doctor, I'm stuck with a PIN-locked device. (Not even uninstalling Exchange account gets rid of the PIN.)
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    Yep nit working for my touchpad either ... Anything I can do? Thanks

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    Works fine on 2.2.4 but not touchpad

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    "I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
    Thomas Edison
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    HI- newbie here- not really- but maybe technically challenged- I had a death in the family (my Palm Pixi Plus) and finally have a new one- trying to get back all my old patches- and can't get the bypassPIN to work- I see the instructions that it was recently updated to work again- but feel like I am missing something- I don't know how to do what they are suggesting...... how do I modify code? Can an average person do this??? Appreciate any help you can offer- It's taken me days to get it all back up and running and this is my final bit that is driving me crazy-thanks in advance!!

    Patch WebOS Bypassing Lock Screen - WebOS Internals (Patch WebOS Bypassing Lock Screen - WebOS Internals)
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    Just thought I would ask again- can anyone help me figure out how to make this latest "fix" work on my Palm Pixi Plus? I don't know how to update the code manually which seems to be the option suggested.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!!
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    Is there any solution for the TochPad (webOS v3.0.5) yet? Patch works like a charm on Preł (v2.2.4) but still not working (not bypassing PIN query) on TP.
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