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    I can now confirm that freeTether wifi usage does NOT go toward Verizon's MHS 5GB limit! Just don't go too overboard, just to be safe.
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    Has anyone tested while roaming? MHS in the past would drop evdo to 1x when roaming after a short time then would try to switch back causing disruption in connection?
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    Will not install in Preware. When i press "install" button the screen goes to download/install page (with the rotating circle) but doesn't do anything. I have already restarted the phone/removed the battery but no luck.
    any suggestion? Thanks
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    I'm wondering if UPnP support can be added? If so i wonder if this would help with the devices that are having issues obtaining IP address. Is there a way we can test this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by grizzly_addams View Post
    Can one of the devs offer some insight on why WiFi tethering is slow for a large percentage of iOS users?

    My on-phone 3G speeds are about 1.5mbps, and tethering a Windows Laptop gets me speeds that are roughly the same. Tethering to my iPad or my friends iPod touch yield an atrocious 0.1 mbps.
    Any updates on this. I have been searching and searching with no answers.
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    I'm getting a very similar error, but it's not a missing 'd'. Anybody see anything in the error message below?


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    It looks like you mistyped the url, it should be http://ipKg.preware... not http://ipFg.preware... for the armv7 feed.
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    Works great! Damn I love Webos developers, you guys rock! No need to scramble around for ipkg's, just a simple download and I'm connected! Its about the same speed as MHS, but I don't care, I can still surf the web anytime and anywhere with no dependency. Now I have two hotspots I can choose from on my beloved Pre! Thanks again guys!
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    Not at home now, but anyone have any luck on the PS3??
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    Is it possible to install it with QuickInstall/Computer? Cant get it to work on my preware (the screen keeps loading during the installation).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmklein View Post
    Neat app, but seems to really cause a battery drain. I used it to download one book on to my Nook (connected with no problem by the way) and then disconnect the WiFi, checked that the WiFi on the phone was turned off. My battery is down to 32%, Normally at this time of the day it is somewhere around 80%.
    The phone is also warmer than normal - indicating a battery drain.
    I forced a power restart on the phone to ensure that everything is off.

    Anyone else notice a big battery drain after using this?

    Knowing this might happen, next time I use it, I'll just reboot the phone. But it is nice to be able to use the Nook any ware.
    Yes, I noticed the exact same thing. The phone got hot, some random stuff showed up on my screen that I could not get rid of and my battery went very quickly. I ended up turning the phone off and then back on. I removed the freetether from the phone and it is acting normally now. I will wait until they get the bugs worked out of it like it turning off when you flip the switch.
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    is it safe cuz I'm screwed if it crashes mt phone. Does it work on the ipod touch
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    is it safe cuz I'm screwed if it crashes mt phone. Does it work on the ipod touch
    Have you read the testing feed rules?

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by egaudet View Post
    Both the MHS service and FT service use the same underlying APIs to do the heavy lifting. Unless there is something else we are missing that MHS does, speeds should be the same. In order to verify we'd need tests of using both on the same network in close proximity time to one another with multiple speed tests showing a consistent disparity between the 2.
    I just did this and the speeds are the same.

    Also to the people experiencing overheating, my phone always got hot with MHS, so I wasn't surprised that FT made it hot too. If I remember correctly, it was something about the comm board basically going full throttle, at least when it is in hotspot mode. I haven't tried the tethering options yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if they exhibited the same symptoms. My battery drained horribly with MHS as well, so once again, I wouldn't blame FT for that either. I believe both symptoms are just a side effect of being a hotspot, and I don't think it's just the Pre that has this issue.
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    Useing Sprint Pre tried several times to get the driver installed on a 32bit Vista machine. No luck testing the usb out. WiFi seems to work ok. Have not tested BT out.
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    Agreed, FT brings the same effect as MHS did. One thing I learned to keep the phone cool is to keep the slider open while its running the hotspot. My phone consistently stayed steady at 38 degrees for a few hours.

    By the way, does anyone know what DNS server I should input to connect to PS3? I used the method of inputting the same info my PC gives me in the command prompt screen (adding .51 at the end of the IP address), but still no luck. I used the same info while on MHS and it worked for me in the past. Can't get this one to do the same.
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    For those concerned about the testing feeds: I've had them on my phone for quite a while (at least four months). I installed them when I got MHS (which doesn't seem to work anymore). I haven't had any major issues with the feeds.

    I just installed the freeTether and it works great! I just wish there was some way to create a secure wifi connection like we had available on MHS. Anyone know how to do this on fT? I know I can use the cable and keep it secure...but I really like wireless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warthogcrewchief View Post
    ...I just wish there was some way to create a secure wifi connection like we had available on MHS. Anyone know how to do this on fT? I know I can use the cable and keep it secure...but I really like wireless.
    Did you tap the wifi line (anywhere to the left of the on/off switch)? You'll be able to change the SSID and pick whether your network is open or WPA2 Personal.

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    I reloaded it and I guess the turning off thing has been fixed because now my phone is cool to the touch and there is no wifi icon. It connects just fine and the phone is behaving normally.
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    Thanks for all your hard work.
    I'm trying to use usb tethering on my home computer, but I don't have the novacomd driver. This computer has no internet access. Is there a direct download link that I can download on my laptop (or pre) and then install on my home computer? (my computer is running windows 7 32 bit)

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