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    i have palm pre and i instaled them on my pre througj preware but it won't apear
    after even i restart the pre...
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    just start typing Preware and see if the icon shows up. If it doesn't, it wasn't successfully installed. I fit's not there, repeat installation of Preware.

    ake sure the version of Preware matches the version of webOS you are using...
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    yes it shows....and also shows it instaled
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    Quote Originally Posted by sajjad30 View Post
    yes it shows....and also shows it instaled
    If it shows - then what happens when you try to run it?

    Do you have lumberjack? Maybe there is something in your logs that would help?
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    no it runs proprer and it instaled them proper...but the thems
    i hade instaled they won't apply on pre i still have the default them although i had instaled other thems
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Oops, the the OP needs to turn the theme feeds on in preware. The default is for them to be off. And you have to restart the phone or the installed theme to show up. And always uninstall the theme before installing another one...
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    hey guys how culd i off this default them?
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    Perhaps some more details may help us give you some assistance. What theme did you try to install?
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    To the OP, if you didn't turn on the theme feeds, like cantaffordit said in his post and you just tried to install from the 13 or so that are already listed in Preware, then those are themes for the virtual keyboard and you won't see them changing anything else on your phone.
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    i want to instal opera browser and thems through preware...
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    Good luck... the Opera browser isn't supported on webOS.
    You can install themes easily by simply making sure the themes feeds are turned on in the Preware preferences, and then choosing which one you want.

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    is there any other browser that can i instal on pre
    through preware?....ok lett me check the thems feed
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    Currently, the only browser supported for webOS is the browser that comes with the device.
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    but i have seen somewhare opera browser in ore....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sajjad30 View Post
    but i have seen somewhare opera browser in ore....
    Per Opera's website:
    Mobile 10 supported: S60, Windows Mobile, Android, Maemo (labs edition*)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sajjad30 View Post
    but i have seen somewhare opera browser in ore....
    There used to be a version of Opera that ran on PalmOS, and I ran it on my Centro for a few months. It wasn't much better than Blazer, which was the browser built in to PalmOS.

    Here is an article from a few months ago that talked about this... not sure if the development effort is still active:
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    Ooo.. totally forgot about the old PalmOS version. I tried it out on my Treo's and rarely used it because it really wasn't very good at that point. It will be interesting to see if HP opens up webOS for this stuff at some point.

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