I believe there may be a saved settings bug in the most recent revisions, I'd loaded the test feed to verify and get the same results. The TCP Congestion setting will not save or persist through reboots.

Sprint Pre-
Latest "Production" UK (119)
Govnuh 0.7.4 and 0.7.6 tested

New settings profile created
Name: Test1
OnDemand, 500/1000
All other CPU settings base

TCP Congestion: Westwood

All other settings base

Reboot device, Govnuh loads Test1 on reboot, CPU settings correct, TCP Congestion is reset to base Cubic

New Settings profiles Test2 - Test5 created.
OnDemand, Screenstates, and Preformance

All of these profiles with TCP Congestion set different values. None of them reload the values on reboot.