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    He found his volunteer. what is the plan??? I look forward to hearing about this! He needed someone with a Sprint Pre and a Pre 2??
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    never use the word can't with webosinternas!

    webosinternals: RT @PalmFlashCards: Looking forward to the 1st Pre 2 on Sprint today (Franken-Pre), all thanks to @webosinternals and the #webOSdev Opra ...
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    Saw this tweet. Now, can I resist temptation and wait for CES? Or, will I get a Sprint FP2 (Franken Pre2)? Hmmm....

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    we both have the same problem and I just plussed my sprint pre
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    Well the 2-ing procedure is far from peffect for now. He ended up "un-2-ing" at the end of the day. No harm done (except warranty voiding) but it's a little too early right now. I'm sure the good folks at webOS Internals will figure out how to fix the problem and smooth out the process soon..

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