I'm running on WebOS 1.4.5 with the latest Preware installed, Terminal and OpenSSH Client. I've been trying to get SSH working (client mode) but keep running into a problem. I'm able to SSH out (over 3G and WiFi) via hostname (eg ssh user@domain.com) but not via IP address. When I try to SSH an IP address, I get "ssh: Could not resolve hostname .xxx" .xxx being the last 3 digits of the server IP I'm trying to SSH into. Sometimes it's the last 3 octets (.xxx.xxx.xxx) that are displayed.

I also can't SSH this same way after chrooting into my Debian environment using Terminal. It DOES however work if I use a command line on my Pre+ through Novaterm, and also through xterm running in the Debian chroot on the phone itself.

Any input is much appreciated.