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    Hey Everyone!

    First of all, massive thanks to the WebOS Internals crew.. you guys are doing an amazing job and are definitely making life easier for all of us.


    I was wondering, is it possible to allocate remaining device storage memory to the OS as Virtual Ram / Memory? A la Windows' SpeedBoost.. to boost performance.. I know there's tools like Govnah and UberKernel available, but I think a method to provide a memory increase to the OS would be great.. I'd definitely pay good money for this like $100 AUD!

    The reason I ask is because I recently switched to an O2 Pixi Plus, after my Launch O2 Pre died prematurely.. and given I use ZumoDrive, I have a reasonable amount of memory left..

    Like if say Meta-Doctor was adjusted to format / split the USB partition to include a /swap partition as well, would the underlying linux os pick that up automatically and start using it??

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    You can do it, in fact is fairly easy, a couple of commands and you're good to go.

    You will get more "memory", but you'll get the worst performance ever since the flash memory the Pre uses is very slow, besides that, you'll shorten the memory life by writing repeatedly over and over.

    Not recommended in any way.

    But if you want to give it a try:

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/internal/tmpswap obs=1024k count=256k
    mkswap /media/internal/tmpswap
    swapon /media/internal/tmpswap

    try it on your on risk, I think the numbers are correct for a 256mb swap space, but I could be wrong

    It will take some time to create the file for the first time (the dd command)

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