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    Hi all,

    Quick question, I've read the forums for SSH and it seems everyone wants to get INTO the phone from a remote device. Well I have the opposite need, I'd like to SSH FROM my Palm Pixi into servers at my work through a vpn.

    I've already got the vpn installed and working just fine (can ping devices) what I cannot seem to do is SSH to those servers.

    Perhaps in my initial fervor with this new toy I've monkeyed something up, I initially installed 'terminal' assuming that as this is a linux device once I had access to the shell I'd be able to ssh. However typing '' results in

    "-sh: ssh: not found"

    I'm no linux guru by any means, just need to be able to remote in to re-start a service should I get the call.

    Can anyone provide me some direction here? I have no problem rtfm, but again it seems everyone wants to ssh INTO the phone, I need to go the other way from the phone to a computer.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You must have terminal installed for access of the command-line and

    Then You can ssh into Your Palm and ssh out of Your palm.
    You find OpensSSH in the optware section of preware.

    You can then issue
    ssh USER@HOST
    to login as USER on HOST

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    Thanks for the reply,

    So I downloaded openssh last night and installed, rebooted, and receive the same error. Are there any additional steps to start the openssh service or?

    As a side note 1.4.5 just appeared on my phone, so I'm updating now.
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    So update to 1.4.5 completed, unfortunately I still am unable to ssh from the phone as I continue to get the above noted error.

    Any other ideas?
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    If you install openssh from preware (installed in "/opt/bin/openssh-ssh") you need to type
    openssh-ssh user@domain
    from your terminal app to log into a remote server (or anything else running ssh)

    in my experience installing Xterm with Xserver and Xeutah gives me a much more responsive and stable terminal then the "terminal" app on my pixi plus

    I saw that this thread was old but i thought i would share what i found anyways because it opened new doors for me and i could not for the life of me find any info on it
    hope i helped

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