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    All of a sudden, I can't browse the website. I get a popup that says Javascript 1.8.x is required to view the page. This is new behavior. I get this on two different Windows machines with latest java, Firefox, Internet Explorer. I also get it on two different Ubuntu machines.

    Have I done something goofy here?
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    Same results for me....
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    is this the url? or something else?
    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
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    Good Preware a valid URL for the browser?
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    I guess there is some javaScript issues going on. > Compatibility Failed
    JavaScript 1.8.x is required to view this page.
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    Yes, is (was) a valid URL. I've been having this same Javascript Compatibility error for at least a few days now... Dbsooner's patch portal has also been down for at least a few days.
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