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    a few hours ago, I updated the "advanced configuration for launcher"-patch and the "speech dispatcher"-service via PreWare.

    Since then, my Palm Pre is totally silent. The ringer switch is not set to mute, the sound sliders are up - there is just no sound to be heard.

    The only sound is a ding dong sound after I reset it, when it's placed on the charger. (So the speaker is not dead.)

    I already did try to delete speech dispatcher and Navit via PreWare. Did a few restarts. That didn't bring back the sound.

    One awkward side effect: After deleting Navit and speech dispatcher, Preware was reset. I lost its whole list of installed packages.

    Please help! I have no idea how to get the sound working again!

    Edit: I just tested calling the phone. The ringer sound works, but I can't hear the person calling.
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    Okay, I covered the PreWare issue with emergency file recovery.

    And the no-sound-issue turns out to be a hardware problem. The headphone jack thought, there was a headphone plugged in - thus turned off all sound except the ringer sounds.

    Can be closed an deleted. Sorry.
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    lol good to hear you got it fixed
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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